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24 Hours Taxi Service Mangalore is a trusted companion for travellers, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience at any hour from Coorg to Bekal. Mangalore's 24-hour taxi service is a lifeline for residents and travelers alike. It ensures uninterrupted mobility, convenience, and safety around the clock. Whether you're catching an early morning flight, exploring the city's vibrant nightlife, or facing an unexpected emergency, these services are ready to whisk you away to your destination promptly. With experienced drivers, well-maintained vehicles, and easy booking options through website or phone calls, it's a reliable mode of transportation that enhances the city's overall convenience.You can get best rates and wide range of vehicles for Coorg to Bekal taxi bookings.
Bekal, a tranquil coastal town in Kerala, India, is a hidden gem that combines natural beauty with historical grandeur. Its most prominent attraction is the Bekal Fort, a massive fortress with stunning sea views and ancient architecture. Bekal's pristine beaches, like Bekal Beach and Kappil Beach, offer relaxation and scenic vistas. 

The serene backwaters of Valiyaparamba and Chandragiri are perfect for boat rides. The town's lush landscapes and tranquil ambiance make it a rejuvenating retreat. Bekal's charm lies in its balance between historical significance and serene coastal beauty, making it a captivating destination for travelers.

Here's a list of tourist attractions around Bekal

  • Bekal Fort
  • Bekal Beach
  • Kappil Beach
  • Valiyaparamba Backwaters
  • Chandragiri Fort
  • Nileshwar
  • Ananthapura Lake Temple
  • Malik Deenar Mosque
  • Bela Church
  • Pallikere Beach
  • Ranipuram
  • Kanwatheertha Beach
  • Pallikunnu
  • Nityanandashram Caves
  • Hosdurg Beach

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